Stephy Carrson (stephy7sales) wrote in allhailbilly,
Stephy Carrson

I am selling my Billy Martin Hot Topic doll, which is not part of the set and is very rare to find. Also a display ad along with three sealed promotional singles.

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Opened twice, once when bought and once to make sure everything was inside. Still has everying intact, collectors card, and guitar pic. The starting bid is at $20.00

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This is very rare since normally this type of stuff ends up in the dumpster and is not allowd to be given out. I came across this by chance and was given this by chance at a local borders two years ago. Starting bid is $15.00.

Please feel free to contact me by email or aim stephyshudder and check out my store since this my selling journal. Paypal preffered or if you can get the money to be before Saturday Sept. 9th in the mail it woyuld be greatly appericated.
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