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06:28pm 01/09/2006
  I am selling my Billy Martin Hot Topic doll, which is not part of the set and is very rare to find. Also a display ad along with three sealed promotional singles.

Pictures and detailsCollapse )

(love billy)

02:52pm 25/08/2006

good charlotte and the pink spiders will be playing a show at the galaxy theatre in santa ana on october 1st!

show: sunday, october 1st
venue: galaxy theatre, santa ana
tickets: $20 -- will go on sale on august 26!
time: 8pm

for more information please go to www.galaxytheatre.com
also, join the galaxy theatre lj community at thegalaxy or find us on myspace @ www.myspace.com/galaxytheatre

(love billy)

Warped Tour anyone? Get presale tickets! 
09:58pm 29/03/2006
  Hey! -- I just thought you might want to know that Warped Tour is offering discounted tickets for $20.24 to any show on the 2006 Warped Tour via the online presale! It's cool because you don't have to pay such huge, obnoxious service fees. Just head over to the presale at: http://www.musictoday.com/redirect/bounce.asp?cid=1049 and login with this password: warped06. The lineup is insane: Aiden, NOFX, Thursday, Motion City Soundtrack, The Academy Is…, Against Me!, AFI, Anti-Flag, Saves The Day, and a ton more. You also have the option through the presale to purchase a 2 CD, 50 track Vans Warped Tour 2006 Compilation Album at the reduced price of $3.50, and a discounted subscription to Alternative Press Magazine for $10 that will include a special Meet
And Greet Cut Pass that will let you cut to the front of the line to meet the bands at the AP Warped Tour Tent! Prices will increase once the presale ends, so you don't want to miss out on saving a TON of cash and getting awesome extras. The presale ends the day before the public onsales, so get on it!

(love billy)

what is up??? 
08:39pm 06/11/2005
mood: im bouncing off walls
hey everybody:
if u do comment in my livejournal or on this update
i want to go to one of their concerts so bad so if u did please tell me how it went like exapmles:

r they good sounding?
were they all good at the songs??
were they hott???(LOL)

im bored so im going now!


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08:36pm 09/10/2005
mood: i feel weird!!!!!!
i love Billy and GC!

they rock my sox!

sorry if this shows up twice!

(love billy)

08:31pm 09/10/2005
mood: i feel weird!!!!!!
i love Billy and GC!!!
they rock!

Billy Joel and Benji are hott

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sorry for not updating 
08:38pm 25/09/2005
mood: hyper........hyper.......hyper
hi everyone Im very sorry for not updating in awhile! and i liked joined awhile ago!! lol

so here it goes everyone my name is christina and i love billy(DUH) so if anyone has any good pictures or websites about good charlotte or billy can you please comment on my entry and tell me???? thanx if you do and i will try to update more and more each day!


good nite!

(love billy)

New to this Tribe 
08:56pm 06/09/2005
mood: So not tired!
OMG I LOVE BILLY MARTIN (AND TRAVIS BARKER) lol. The first time I saw Billy it was heaven on earth--well not quite, because he didn't come single :(. But of course, that didn't stop me from being a Billy fanatic--if you want to contact me add me to your friends and/or IM me!

My AIM sn: blinkgrlxoxo (thats my new one)

My MSN e-mail: taytaythecutay@hotmail.com

LiveJournal: www.livejournal.com/user/ariessoul17

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09:19pm 26/08/2005
mood: happy
why don't you guys post I am like the only one :)

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06:24pm 22/08/2005
mood: happy
I am happy I got another CD its from Good Charlotte I want to get there first 2 Cd's on ebay I am so happy I am listening to them rite now.

Why do I have to like them so much and Why Billy even more,
duh I am so stupid Because they are the Best!!!

(love billy)

06:20pm 17/08/2005
mood: happy
I am so happy. I got my GOOD Charlotte wallet thank you god. I am so happy

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07:45am 17/08/2005
mood: lil-billy is gone
does anyone have any good billy websites or good charlotte websites?

(love billy)

08:38pm 16/08/2005
mood: blah

i haven't updated in so long, i can't remember the last time i updated. and for some reason, that sentence sounded really odd. i hope these pictures can make up for my not updatingness.


(love billy)

01:07am 04/08/2005
  I don't know if this is really allowed or not if not you can totally delete it but I am promoting another world for Billy martin fans.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Come on in and join me!

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02:35pm 21/07/2005
mood: crazy
hey im new here and i was wondering if anyone has any pictures of billy from i just wanna live because i cant find any?

(love billy)

02:34pm 18/07/2005
mood: IM HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does anyone knwow what happened to lil-billy.com or is it just my computer??????
please tell me if you know!



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10:50pm 07/07/2005
mood: sleepy,sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please go to
it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Billy Colourbar 
03:37pm 04/07/2005
mood: bored

Billy is hawt love

credit to me if you use it.

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i dont know 
11:02pm 30/06/2005
mood: im falling asleep typing this!
well i love billy!!!i joined yesterday and im happy!!!!finally!!!!my name is christina and im 11.i loved billy since the first good charlotte c.d. came out!!!
well there is some info about myself!!
good night!!

(love billy)

06:49pm 23/06/2005

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